Les animaux et Marino Refuge

You will be welcomed in a privileged area, an educational farm and animal shelter to discover animals in Saint-Andiol in Provence.
Enjoy an immersion with nature and its animals.
During an animal care workshop, an extraordinary dinner at the Petit Observatoire or even a night in unusual accommodation in a Truck-Lodge, come and discover the shelter’s activities for young and old.

The Caregiver workshop is a special moment of immersion with the animals of the shelter, 3 hours from 8/9 a.m. to 11/12 p.m. for a maximum of 5 people €105/person from 8 years old. For this activity, bring clothing that covers your arms and legs without risking anything and closed shoes.

(90€ net provider)

The Guided Tour is an accompanied visit to observe the animals and understand how the shelter works, 1h30 before nightfall for a maximum of 10 people €25/person

(20€ net provider)

Dinner at the Petit Observatoire always begins at nightfall regardless of the weather, you dine in front of the nightlife of wildlife. A unique experience to learn a lot about these “invisibles” who surround us. A seasonal “Bistrot-style” dinner at nightfall with products from the farm and our Provence region. The schedule varies depending on the seasons and the intimate welcome for a maximum of 12 people €65/person.

(56€ net provider)

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