Mas Amor is committed to sick children as Cape au Vert of Fondation de France

December 21, 2023

Mas Amor is committed to sick children and has signed an agreement with the Fondation de France: Mas Amor pledges to donate 50 € for each week reserved. This donation will go to the Cap au Vert program.

The Cap au vert program was created in 1994 by the Fondation de France and has since enabled 1,500 disabled or chronically ill children to enjoy a holiday in an ordinary leisure center with healthy children. A partnership with the UCPA has been set up to offer different sports trips to these children, here is a verbatim of the Solidarity-Handicap responsible, Laurence Laval: “It is not paradoxical to say that for these children, see treating on the same footing as the others has value of privilege. They get the most out of their adventure: both in wonder and discovery of their abilities to exist independently and to create a bond.”

You can also watch the report on the Charline association, which accompanies children with heart disease, available on our website. ( ) as well as with the following link :


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