Local Market Tour in Saint Rémy, Eygalières, Avignon

French pastries, cakes, chocolates, goose liver, truffles, olive oil, cheeses and wines…

Spend the morning exploring a local market, smelling, touching, and tasting. 

Learn about local products and meet the producers. From cheese tasting with a French cheese connoisseur to a delicatessen boutique, a gourmet shop or a local wine cellar, this culinary experience will make your mouth water.

Continue the tour with a stop at a local chocolate shop and a gourmet delicatessen boutique, each of which will conclude, of course, with a delicious tasting or an unforgettable meal.

Time and Price​

Half-Day Tour

Market days : on Wednesdays in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence. On Fridays in Eygalières. On Tuesdays or Thursdays in Avignon, Cover Market.

Lunch: Option to follow the morning tour with a cooking class or a delicious meal prepared by you and your private chef (Les Halles d’Avignon)


€69 per person for the gourmet tasting tour in Saint Rémy de Provence and Eygalières markets; an optional cooking class or cultural tour is not included in the price.

€199 per person for the gourmet tasting tour in Avignon, including a cooking class and meal for a minimum of six people.

If you want to go on with an afternoon visit to a bee or goat farm, just tell us. It is also possible to continue with a local oil mill visit and a vineyard or winery visit.

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