Pottery Classes for your kids or for you??

A creative space located in a haven of peace in Orgon, offers workshops in pottery, clay, modeling and sculpture. This space allows children and adults to realize their creations in a fun and friendly atmosphere.
Clients are offered the choice of doing modeling, sculpture, or chinaware for classes at home or at the workshop.

Here are the different prices:

If you are one person, the price is €50 per hour per person.
If you are two people, the price is €40 per hour per person.
If you are three people, the price is €30 per hour, per person.
If you are four people or more, the price is €20 per hour per person.

While knowing that it takes at least 2 hours of lessons to shape and decorate one or more items.
+ A participation fee of €15 per person for the firing and enameling carried out by the class master at the workshop (for a 2-hour course)
+ a flat rate of travel costs of €2 per kilometer per lesson, for home lessons (Round trip)

The courses can take place:

On Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

To respect the sanitary rules and the recommended safety distances related to COVID-19, the mask is compulsory, and the tools are disinfected before and after each session. You also provide your towel, overalls…

A 50% deposit will be requested in the event of a reservation, with the balance on the first day of the course.

You will need a car to reach Orgon (10 minutes from Eygalières, 20 minutes from Saint Rémy de Provence).
Times: 2 hours of workshops (private class)
Prices: 50 euros per kid (material included).

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