Home massages


Julia is recognized for her expertise and commitment to the well-being of her clients. She developed a unique talent for soothing muscular tension, relieving stress and promoting deep relaxation.
Her personalized and attentive approach allows her to identify the specific needs of each client, in order to create tailor-made massage sessions.
Additionally, she is known for her kindness, compassion and ability to instantly put clients at ease. His passion for his profession is felt in each session, offering an exceptional experience of well-being and relaxation.

Californian, candle, mother-baby and personalized massages of 1h: 110€

Body scrub of 30 minutes: 50€

Facial treatment “An olive in Provence”: 70€


Trained in hotel spa practices in France and abroad, Delphine wanted to return to her native land of the Alpilles and introduce you to her interpretation of well-being massage from her last 15 years of experience. 

Multiple massage training courses: relaxing, Swedish, plantar reflexology, Shiatsu, Ayurvedic, and deep tissue allow her to offer services combining softness and muscular depth, enveloping and personalized in order to best meet your expectations and needs.

Delphine’s services fees are:

90€ for 1h

135€ for 1h30

180€ for 2h


Treat yourself to an ideal tailor-made moment by combining the benefits of naturopathy and massages. A moment of well-being to listen to your needs.
Invent your space, the path back to yourself, the recognition of your body, your soul, the freedom of Being.
Virgilia offers naturopathy consultations, holistic massages, Chinese slimming massages, Japanese ancestral facial massage as well as wellness days for the most exceptional experience.

Virgilia’s prices for naturopathie first consultation: 120€

Holistic massages:
120€ for 1h
165€ for 1h30
200€ for 2h

Chinese slimming massage:
140€ for 1h
165€ for 1h30
210€ for 2h

Japanese ancestral facial massage:
Scéance de 50 minutes: 110€

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