Markets, concentrates of Provence, throughout the year !!

December 21, 2023

Once or twice a week, in every village and town in the south, lively markets are held. In the shade of large colored parasols, all the Provence taste is found there! Rich in colors and noises, we celebrate the Provençal way of life. The market gardeners display their fruits and vegetables offering their shimmering palette from which emanate scents of basil, rosemary and spices. It is also a festival of local products: honey, olives, oils, aromatic plants. The quality and profusion of fruits, vegetables and local produce is such that it instantly becomes a feast for the eyes and the taste buds.

It is here also that Provencal people meet and chat. In these picturesque places, it is not uncommon to hear the singing accents of the south. The locals have their habits, they talk, smile, joke. You will find beautiful markets throughout Provence. To name a few: three times a week (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday) markets are held in the squares of downtown Aix-en-Provence, Wednesday in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence Saturday at Arles and Uzès, Friday at Eygalières, Sunday at Chateaurenard.

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